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I never knew a foreigner who identified so deeply with the Tarascan Indigenous Culture to the point of marrying a Tarascan. This happened in the 1990's when Dr. Tricia Gabany was helping the Comunidad Indígena de Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro with forestry projects. This is how she met me, her husband, Ingeniero Agrónomo Narcizo Guerrero-Murillo. After our marriage in 1993, together with our son, Gabriel, we worked for 17 years helping indigenous communities from the state of Michoacán, in particular the Indigenous community of San Juan Parangaricutiro to protect, preserve and spread the culture by teaching about the Tarascan culture. In 2014 with all information compiled from her and her multidisciplinary group composed of volunteers, professors and students from Mexico and USA, we built a Community Museum in the town of San Juan Parangaricutiro where people from all parts of Mexico and abroad have the opportunity to learn about the culture that she really care about. Dr. Tricia really loved to teach and her students were so important to her that until the last day of her life, she was dedicated to teaching them. Her last wish was that her remains be put to rest in the land of the indigenous community that she loved with all her heart.

(Words from her husband, Narcizo Guerrero)